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Are you ready to find out how good you are?

Writing this article, I asked myself what the big difference was. What sets the “good” guys from the “bad” guys apart and I came up with the following list:

  • Enthusiasm, always
  • Appreciation of our body
  • Ability to please a woman without intercourse
  • No disgust
  • No hesitation
  • Ability to perform rough…

Size matters, doesn’t it?

We won’t talk extra-large, large, huge or medium penises— we’ll talk small and extra-small today. I am excited to explore the tiny little ones and show men how to use their size to their partner’s advantage.

Porn teaches you to worship the big cock most guys don’t have in their…

Anal plugs won’t solve the issue!

Maybe we haven’t all been there and done that. In porn, anal sex looks pleasurable. Many medium writers like to express their love for the practice they enjoy.

Joe Duncan stressed the playful power anal sex involves in Anal Sex: Is it Power or Play?

My goal has always been…

Deep or shallow. We love it when you know what you are doing!

I made it a mandatory exercise to read more about sex. Here on Medium, I fell in love with personal essays and first-person narratives on different aspects of sexuality. Since sex is often generalized as a taboo act, it’s refreshing to get to know other people’s experiences without talking to…

Yes, you can feel her cum! And it’s fucking hot if you make her cum!

Female orgasms are hard to piece together. Unlike you men, we women hardly show our orgasms off. Most of it happens inside our bodies anyways, and it’s not always wet and shaky like porn tries to convince us. Some of the best orgasms are arguably quite.

Orgasms come in all…

and all the orgasms before

I feel for you. Seriously there is nothing worse than the uncertainty about female orgasms. While some girls scream it out, others stay quiet. Everyone comes differently. But with girls, you never have the certainty that she just faked it. Or do you? Well, you can have it if you…

This is a very good one

Thank you! No, thank me. Once you have finished this story, you will hold the keys to her pleasure in your hands. The thing is, we girls are not much different from you guys. If you have ever been with a girl who made you come every time or at…

Tiptoeing around the answers

Reading The First Time I Had Sex, I Didn’t Know I Was Having It by Sarah Stroh reminded me of the conversation I had with my closest friend. It was summer, and we had one of those teenage deep talks that turned sexual pretty quick.

Read the full story and…

Yes, I just wrote this. We need to talk about this one more.

Oral sex is great — amazing. The appreciation we watch in porn hardly transcends into our bedrooms. The girls who truly worship the dick are unicorns — much like the girls who enjoy anal:

Do you like women to give oral sex? The short answer is: No, not at all…

Did you ever try it?

Oral sex after intercourse is a debatable practice in the bedroom. It’s not for anyone. I recently came across an interesting conversation on Quora. If you like to chat unapologetically about sex, Quora might be your place to turn to. …


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