I finally did it!

It’s the final month of the year, and I finally launched my two publications. This is not a regular post, it’s more of an announcement.

So here we go.

If you have already seen it, I launched two pubs.

Enjoyable Sex

Enjoyable Sex is dedicated to solving the problems in your bedroom…

You better be prepared for this year's jolly gifts.

The holiday season just kicked off with the loud bang of the Thanksgiving holiday. Despite the raging virus, most of us are still with friends. The empty houses are filled with laughter and people — yeah, people — nothing we have been used to for the past one and a…

I am not the only one who should notice by one

When it’s your job to stay relevant, you shouldn’t be too critical of what’s relevant. In many ways, social media influencers remind me of filthy whores. They don’t only fuck with anybody and pass infections thoughts on to their communities that downregulate the common sense. Instead of focusing on what…


Chief Editor/Founder of Enjoyable Sex & Hypocrytical. Medium Top Writer. Full-Time Freelancer. Storyteller.

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