Good writing won’t make the cut. Be prepared to adapt these three skills before you start your freelance writing career.

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Yes, we are in a time and age where everyone and their dog can make money online. Writing is just one of the many professions that you can use to supplement your income. Writers like Juliet Colladosaverage 3,000 USD on Medium are just a few out of the many great examples of where writing could take you. Another example is Alexandra Fasulo. She crushed it on Fiverr as a freelance writer.

You might argue that they are the bright and shiny examples and that you are not them. You are right. Nevertheless, writing is a profession everyone with a computer…

This isn’t a tale about robbery

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A stolen identity is the worst thing that can happen to a human being. You are no longer part of something. You become part of nothing. Who are you? Nobody. Your past is gone, and your future is no longer existent. You are much like a caged animal or a bird without wings.

I lost my wings after I declined a well-paid job offer. I turned my corporate identity in and freed myself. Two weeks later, I started freelance writing and became an “island unto myself”, as Sadghuru would put it. I was no longer part of the game —…

Imagine your personal space was taken serious pre-pandemic

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Whenever I had to kiss or hug a relative, it made me feel uncomfortable. As a child, you view the world from a different perspective. You are much smaller than the adults around you. Kids are considered cute. A hug is nothing uncommon to ask for, but still, it sucked — especially if I didn’t like the person I had to hug or kiss.

Imagine you would ask your 22-years old daughter to kiss your husband’s best friend. What would it look like? Awkward. But for your 5-years old it’s a common practice.

“Go and hug uncle Charly. He brought…

I struggeled writing properly as a kid

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When you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I couldn’t answer because I didn’t know. I wasn’t keen to explore a traditional career. Doctors scared me, office jobs bored me, and studying law didn’t interest me. I wasn’t keen to help people or to solve fundamental problems of humanity. All I knew was that I didn’t want to be a boring adult, much like my parents or their friends. They lacked passion. Work turned them into shadows of themselves.

Growing up, I wasn’t a talented kid. Some of my friends were sporty or musically. They…

Frustration was my driving force

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When I started writing, the assumptions dropped like bombs as if it was my goal to expose people in my manuscripts. Is this revenge? Are you writing this to hurt people? Why is your writing so dark?

My thoughts collapsed into a deep dark hole. I felt much like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

I sat down at my desk, hands in front of my face to hide the pain my eyes expressed after receiving another rejection from an editor I had previously sent a manuscript to. It was early January, and this editor who just e-mailed me was…

Hands-on is an undervalued practice in the bedroom

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Yes, we like you to use your hands on us. Don’t spend money on a new toy or an awfully expensive set of lingerie — use what you got. There is nothing more sexy to a man than his ability to please us with his fingertips. It’s a good deal for you, too. Because it doesn’t cost any money, and, if you mastered the skill once, well you can apply it over and over again. Not only to please her but also to tease her.

Imagine you are at the beach. She just got out of the water, and her…

I want to know your opinion

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Writing fiction has always been close to me by heart, but nothing I ever intended to self-publish. I never intended to self-publish in the first place.

I still remember laughing at my friends when they suggested to me to start a blog. Back then, I was a sixteen-year-old girl who spent her time studying the latest fashion trends.

“A blog?”, I replied. “Why should I want to do that?”

Years later, I am close to my 100ths story here on Medium. Before you ask — yes, I consider Medium my blog, my home, and my creative bubble outside of my…

Sharpen your self-awareness and improve yourself

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I am not here to share a 5-minute technique to use that will improve your life dramatically. Change, like any good habit, will take time and energy. Think of yourself as you would think of a crop. Once you’ve planted it, it needs time, water, and energy to grow. Your perceptions work similarly. I am a great believer in self-advocated change. Self-awareness is a topic. I avoided it because I didn’t know what it meant. For quite some time, I was blundering around, scrolling through articles, and reading stories about people who found themselves. …

Rule №1 Don’t lick her like a puppy

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Some girls have already given up on you. Yes, you read it right! Some of us are fed up with the helpless licking and sucking you perform on us. Why you might ask. Licking like dogs won’t make the deal. The same goes for the helpless tongue or the awful biting. We know that you could do better, and that’s why I am writing this.

When oral sex is performed right, it is one of the most pleasant things to encounter. As much as you like to get sucked, we love to get licked. Don’t get me wrong, out there…

Rule №2 Don’t rely on others for your success

Screenshot by the author

Not too long ago, I published this article.

Frustration was my inspiration, and it turned into a full-blown success. I received responses from many Medium writers who had similar experiences. They loved to spread their word about the misconception we all believed too long in.

“By last weekend I ended up with almost 10 drafts pending drafts. After another rejection, I got mad and started self-publishing the articles, and I am still amazed by the results. Most of the articles achieved similar results to the ones I published with publications. A few of them got curated in big topics like…


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